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Baltic Sea Cup 2019 laajenee ja huipentuu 21.9. Season Final -tapahtumaan Pyöräkrossiparkissa

Tämän vuoden Baltic Sea Cup on julkaistu. Kisoja on 4 kappaletta, mukaan lukien Helsingissä pidettävä finaali syyskuussa. Kisapäivät:

Round 1 – 10.AUG, Tallinn/Estonia

Round 2 – 24.AUG, Uppsala/Sweden

Round 3 – 7.SEPT Valmiera/ Latvia

Round 4 – 21.SEPT, Helsinki/Finland

Kisasarjan säännöt (englanniksi):

Competition format, rules:

Baltic Sea Cup for BMX Racing is a new race series that combines four quality events in

countries around Baltic Sea. BMX Baltic Sea Cup has classes for all ages and elite. Baltic Sea

Cup strengthens the co-operation of the Nordic and Baltic countries within BMX.

A rider must participate to at least 2 cup races for the overall result. The points from the 3

(three) best cup races count for the overall result.

All rounds of competition are organized according to UCI Regulations and Rules.

Clip pedals are allowed only for riders 13 yrs and older.

The invitations will be published a minimum 3 weeks before the event on the event web

page. They will also be sent by email to all federations and participating clubs.

Competition schedule (organizers reserve possibility for changes):

Evening before the race

Open practice w gate (5 euros) 18.00-20.00

Race day

Registration until 12.00

Practice: G13 and under, B12 and under 12.00-13.00

Team Manager meeting 13:00-13:15

Practice: G14+, B13+, Cr17+ 13.00-13.35